When you need a more efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners try Heat Pumps in Anaheim, CA. Just like your refrigerator, these pieces of machinery use electricity to move heat from one place to another. In heating mode, they transfer heat indoors to warm up your house.

Likewise, in cooling mode, they cool your home by transferring heat to the outdoors. With correct installation, these appliances can significantly reduce heating and air conditioning costs and increase your comfort magically! That also means more dollars stay in your pocket as Heat Pumps are extremely energy-efficient!

However, a heat pump isn’t immune to problems. Even if your unit is of the highest quality, it’s subject to wear and tear. Compressor issues, low refrigerant levels, and frozen coils are common culprits for heat pump failure. Age can also cause your unit to break down. And when this happens, you want to schedule a heat pump repair service as quickly as possible.